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The time has flown by. I can’t believe it is the last one. I’ve shared 30 different parts of my life with you. Reading back through previous posts I see that my life is portrayed in a perfect portrait. Each post held a small part of my mind. Tomorrow I’m sure I will accidentally post and realize I was not supposed to. This has become somewhat a routine for me. I just accept it as a part of my day and make sure to remember. It took time to get used to and I’m sure it will take longer to forget. Until next year, I’ll miss you slice of life.


I feel the burning in my eyes each time I blink. I feel them attempt to shut as my eyelids get heavy. I feel the intense throbbing in my head each time I move. I feel my muscles slowly start to give out. I don’t feel the need to push my dog away as she squishes my full stomach. I lay my head down and sleep and I become one.


I go through phases. Sometimes it’s consuming large amounts of grape juice and sometimes it’s a certain goal. These phases can last anywhere from a couple hours to 2 months. I have gone through countless phases such as exercising daily, eating bananas with peanutbutter, or playing Just Dance every day. Today I  started a phase of coloring. I don’t believe it will last too long because a) I’m a horrible artist and b) I made a plan of the exact way I want to color. It always ends when I make a plan. My brain just gets bored of everything when I make them so I try to hold back. Right now I’m stepping back into that 4 year old self mixed with a little current me to make Disney’s Frozen Pointe shoes. One for each main character. This phase will end soon and many more are sure to start.

Day of music-SOLSC-28/31

Today was the day of music. It is kind of like a show case to parents of how much their children have learned in music class. Performances were filled with children from kindergarten to high school. On the side there was a craft show as well as a silent auction. Many people performed from outside our school district as well. There was a huge Irish dance troop featuring a few of my friends and a community orchestra that people from all over town can be a part of. I was in 2 performances; one for the band and one for choir. Band went well as we all played our parts maybe lacking dynamics but still good but choir was different. It was our first performance together and it was not perfect in any way. As we stepped out onto the stage confusion already shadowed us, we couldn’t find our place in the arc. Then as our music began we all seemed to lose our voice and my chest tightened so I couldn’t breath regularly. I have been on that same stage for dance and band several times and never felt this way. It was as if we all were waiting for eachother so no one went. The crowd could barely hear us and our pianist/ director was confusing us with her new notes. Almost everything that could have went wrong did. I just hope our next performance isn’t as bad as the one today.


I usually enjoy school. Math is my favorite subject and homework is good in small portions. Teachers tend to give extra homework on the weekends because we have 3 days to space it out. I am one of those people that just needs to get it over with so I can be stress free for all of my time. I can handle worksheets and papers but essays are another story. Essays are not my forte anyway but when they become homework get very stressed. Today I had an essay for ELA that I’m not sure I’ve grasped the correct concept on. At this moment I am taking a break because I am experiencing a severe sense of writers block. On average I usually take about 2 hours of my night each night to write essays whether I have 1 or sometimes 2 essays at the same time. The essay I am working on now has to be done tonight because I have a busy weekend. Wish me luck on my late night ahead!

Ice cream-SOLSC-26/31

Ice cream is my favorite dessert of all time! Today was my first time having some in almost 2 weeks. Usually I have a bowl a night with my mom. We are used to this because my great grandpa has to have some every night and he passed it down to the rest of his family. I haven’t been able to have any because of my cold. I like a large bowl of vanilla with Hershey syrup but not chocolate because chocolate ice cream is gross. Also I enjoy pretty much any other kind such as cookie dough, Mackinac island fudge, and moose tracks. I used to be allowed to use this huge bowl I have but my dad is such a party pooper and he makes me use these teeny tiny bowls. Now that my cold is receding I will begin again with my nightly ice cream for many years to come, or at least until ny next cold.


I had a dentist appointment after school today. My whole family took turns going in and one at a time our teeth became clean. When it was my turn I set down the homework I had brought along and followed the nice lady to a small cubicle like space. It was nice. They put me directly in front of a window with popular country songs spewing out of the speakers above. I hate the feeling of not being able to swallow for any period of time. She scraped and cleaned my teeth until the dentist came in to look for problems. As he felt around each tooth he noticed one that was slightly sticky. You guessed it, I have a cavity. This was rare because I am usually the one person in my family that doesn’t have problems, but apparently not today. They finished up quickly and I walked out to schedule a time for my filling. As the receptionist went through dates the soonest was May 4th, 3 days after my birthday. I could not believe I would have to be numbed up and “operated” on mere days after a celebration! I guess I’ll just have to get on with life.


I had a girl scout meeting today where we spent some time making cards for soldiers. A different troop had done a fundraiser that we helped with to buy them cookies. Then all troops made cards to send with them. Only 3 people could make it to our meeting so I’ve been making extras for the last 2 hours! As I was coloring and pasting I thought about what it would be like to be part of a military family. Out of all the people in my family I think I would take it the worst, simply because I don’t react well to major changes. On the other hand, I think I would be proud of my family and become slightly stronger. Military families are so strong and caring. They care about their loved one that left them, even if only for a short time. I believe not only are soldiers strong but their families are strong for adapting to life without a loved one.

Slap happy-SOLSC-23/31

Today was an ordinary day, I was just going through the motions. That is, until I got home. It was like a crazy bomb exploded in my brain. My mouth was continuously rambling. My brain went into overdrive. All my senses were going crazy. As my parents made dinner I suddenly felt the need to tell them every single unimportant detail in my life. My laughing continued for almost 10 minutes. I danced all around the kitchen trying to talk to everyone at once. I had a major surge of energy. My 4 year old self decided it was a good time to come out of hiding. I was slap happy!

Chicken soup-SOLSC-22/31

Every family has a tradition or two. One of my families traditions it to make chicken soup from the recipe of my great great grandma. It takes 4 hours to make but it’s so worth it in the end. We have homemade noodles, rice and broth in the soup and chicken on the side. Usually we only have it on special occasions like holidays or birthdays. Today we made chicken soup because everyone in my family has a cold and it is the best remedy. I don’t know of one person in my extended family that does not love the stuff. It’s like perfection in a bowl. We’ve been enjoying it for generations so I’m sure ur will continue for many more.