Cracker Barrel-SOLSC-9/31

As I danced around the little store I could feel the stares of disapproving strangers on my back. We had only been waiting for a short time but I found my way to my favorite corner with random trinkets. I was always excited to be in the waiting area/country store of Cracker Barrel. The best part came when I had already been torn away from the store mid pirouette to go have a seat to order. I always order the same thing as does my mother. My absolute favorite part of the meal is always the steaming dumplings that I had been craving all day. As I dug in they were just as delicious as I had remembered and I practically licked out the bowl. But of course I did not because my mother was across from me and she thinks its gross. I’m sure I will go back before long because both the food and the experience gets better and better every time.

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