New experiences -SOLSC-1/31

The thrill of new emotion. The unity felt with others. The intense amazement at new ideas.
Some new experiences are very important to life, like meeting new people or starting a new job. Others seem unimportant, like reading a new book or watching a movie for the first time. But maybe these are important too. They make us feel new things. They build character.
Today, I watched Curly Sue for the first time. The amazing story brought me to tears. I have this new expirience. It will forever join the list of things my conscious takes into consideration. Even such a small thing has big affects on my individual character.


  1. I appreciate your approach to this topic. It’s an interesting way to consider the experience of watching a movie and I fondly recall Curly Sue. Sometimes it’s the little, unexpected things that actually have an impact when we don’t really realize it.

  2. I agree. So many people overlook the simple things in life that really add to who we are. I love your post it really has true meaning and it was really well written!

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