I say my problems, you say yours. We both do our best to understand. When we know nothing can help, distractions are easy. Talking can continue for hours as we help each other by talking about the nothings in life. We are in completely different places, different people surround us. But that small vibration brings all attention to our phones. Texting is the only thing that can connect us this way.


  1. “…as we help each other by talking about the nothings in life.”

    I really love this line, and that it’s the best way you know to help when it seems like nothing really will help.

    Great post and great job commenting tonight!!

  2. I love your first line. I love the idea that the vibrating phone lets you know a friend is near, who will try to understand. I enjoyed your writing! I am a teacher in NY and my class is also participating in this challenge. Looks like you are doing great!

    1. Thanks! It was about my friend and I being able to text at all times. Us helping each other out when its needed.

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