My eyes blurr after more than a minute of concentrating.
I feel myself drift into that zone between asleep and awake.
My fight to pay attention in class becomes harder to win.
My brother comes home and freaks out because “it looks like you lost a fistfight that was 4 to 1!”
Everything begins to annoy me, even the smallest sounds.
I refuse to get up, even to get food.
My head weighs 100 ibs.

I am officially more tired than I have ever been. It’s the worst experience of my life.

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  1. Maybe I have figurative language on the brain (we’re studying that right now in class), but I just love your “My head weighs 100lbs” line!

    Hopefully you were able to rest or get to bed early. Though, it’s pretty funny (and no coincidence I believe) that today is National Napping Day!

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