I can feel the marker slowly run out of ink. I’ve tried everything to keep the ink from stopping all together. I let it sit. I shook it. I tried different angles. Nothing worked.
By this time I had been working for 2 hours already. My girlscout troop needed posters for a cookie booth. After spending an hour just to stencil out the letters, we tried to get all hands on deck so we could finish. But it was no use. We worked for hours. Interrupted every once and a while for popcorn or dogs.
After working for so long I really needed this one marker to work. Our goal was to take a trip with money from cookie sales. So the bright, sparkly silver was a necessity. I worked with that one marker for over 20 minutes before giving up.
The signs look amazing. I really hope the time was well spent. But, for now, tomorrow holds that information tightly away from us.

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