Newfound Comforts-SOLSC-28/31

Friends. The final understanding that they actually want the friendship. Small moments or an unimportant phrase are all it takes. They become a more important part of you. Talking to them is the best part of the day.

Parents. They do so much, but eventually it seems as though they only do what they have to. Sometimes they don’t even find time to buy food. But small moments change that thinking easily. A trip out just to get a poster or a request to watch a movie together. Realization hits that they do care, they show love anytime it’s possible.

Books. One book can take over my mind for days at a time. The characters keep me going and I constantly think of how they would react to my situation. That feeling, almost like a trance, fills any empty holes I have inside. Sometimes to the point that they burst and I need a new book to fill the bigger hole left behind.

Laughing. It seems to change my view on the world each time. Any uncomfortable situation can be fixed immediately.  Wavering thoughts become solidified. I feel lighter with every uncontrollable fit that comes my way. Laughing is a natural magic that I like to use at least twice a day.

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