People will always abuse any power they are given. Many times I feel as though I allow people to have too much power over me. I can dodge a lot of the control they think they have, but sometimes I can’t. I am a weak person during these times. I can’t help but allow these people to use the power I have allowed them to have. It’s my own fault. Allowing people to have power over me is how I let them into my life. I trust that they will use it properly, or not use it at all. But I put the weapon I their hands. Some people can break me in two seconds. Taking back the power is not easy. I have to cut all connection or they will be able to gain more very easily. One thing I just realized is that I have only found a select few people who haven’t abused their power over me. They are the ones that I didn’t give power too soon. The ones that took time to know me before controlling me. The people I have trusted the most in life.

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