“We are all addicted to something that ruins us.” -Quotes ‘nd Notes

A fairly uneventful day leaves much time for pondering all of life’s concerns. Today, I realized a very important part of my life that holds me back from the true success I crave. The addiction in my life is that of relaxation. I have allowed movies, books, and music to choose what I understand to be relaxing, and it creates a toxic environment. Through hours of isolation and brain numbing activity, nothing can be achieved. All week I wait and wait for a time when I can sit and do nothing with no plans and no time limit, yet that time never actually brings me joy. I’m left feeling dull and sick; consuming enough food to make up for a busy week can do that to a person. Satisfaction can never be a product of listlessness.

Ending this cycle is difficult because I believe it has been sewn into the very cloth of my being since birth, but understanding the issue gives me a means to start. I can now adapt to a different life where I catch the little thoughts that lead to my demise and create progressive ideas from9 them. Part of learning new things about myself this month is fixing the things that so desperately need it. Really, I learned a few things about myself today.


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