Out of the Way-SOLSC-6/31

I feel like my whole life is spent trying to get out of the way of others. Maybe not always physically, but at least once a day I consciously avoid doing things to disrupt other’s lives. It started as a method of conveying manners and being polite in public, but it’s evolution became toxic. Every decision I make is clouded with various possible consequences. It has led to my so-called success, but it has also led to the 2D individual that I have become. Nothing deep seems worth sharing because so many other people have more important ideas and plans that I don’t want to take attention away from.

This is the main cause of my March mission. I need to teach myself to trust that people may care about things other than the superficial. After reflecting on today, I understand that hiding is not helping and it may even be hurting.


  1. Thanks so much for sharing this, Julia! Not only was it bold and brave, I love how you gave yourself a focus and/or a mission for your writing. Sometimes life happens in such a fast pace that we forget to slow down and scratch beneath the surface. I look forward to reading about the 3-dimensional young lady I know you to be! 🙂

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