Today, I am empowered by International Women’s Day.

As I’m asked to plan my entire life in a few short years (sometimes days), I can’t help but feel afraid. “What if” questions swirl in my head, and I allow them to make decisions for me. My dreams of the future seem so distant and unreachable that I am scared to even try. The process continues while I ponder. Just when it seemed like stress might get the best of me this time, a light appears to pull me from the darkness. People all around me are living an enjoyable life, and they had to make the same impossible decisions I’m making. If there are successful people in the world, why can’t one of them be me? My mother provides the most important level-headed yet caring responses to my woes, and I realize that women are such incredible role models that I don’t have to stress; I just have to take the road that has been laid for me and add my own creative flair.


  1. Sorry – wasn’t done!! I also can’t help but make a connection between plans and maps and light and hope and confidence, which is the beautiful way your post ends…acknowledging the strong women in your life and the strong woman you already are!

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