True Happiness- SOLSC-25/31

Happiness is a hard concept to quantify. All I know is that I can feel my heart swell and my brain relax. I try to savor the moment and give myself over completely to the bliss. The fear of losing the moment almost makes it more special. Everything else becomes less important for a second. Then, one thing changes, the feeling is lost, and only a slight smile is left in its wake.

This feeling is, today and every day, created by a dog draping itself across my lap and falling into a deep sleep.

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  1. Puppy snuggles = the BEST!!

    If I can find it, I will send you a cute cartoon I saw recently where two dogs were trying to decide when they were getting their couch back now that their people were home all day! 🙂 Glad to hear some pups, just pile on the people! 🙂

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