Every streak of good days has to be broken up by a few bad ones. Today I felt some of the weight of this whole situation, and I let myself get caught up in the social media and news for hours. I talk to fewer people everyday because it feels like everything circles back to talking about the virus. It burns in the back of my mind with everything I do. My family is all on edge, as we are all fighting our own internal battles over what needs to be done and the uncertainties of the future.

In addition to this constant sinking feeling, I still have a constant question in my mind of where to attend college. I can barely decide what to eat for breakfast every day, so making such a huge decision is extremely difficult. The weight of it seems to grow with every day, and I keep telling myself just to decide so I can move on. I think I am afraid of how much this decision will affect the entire course of my life even if people try to tell me it “won’t matter that much.”

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  1. Julia,

    I can almost see you and your family, each being strong and brave for one another – and then, not being so strong or brave. Maybe that’s just what it looks like in my social circle these days.

    Your question, your uncertainty, your feelings are all valid. It IS a huge decision. It WILL matter. And I KNOW that because of that, and because of WHO you are, you will make the right decision. You will flourish wherever you go – guaranteed!!

    (Aren’t you proud of me for not trying to influence your decision?!? I didn’t get Fired Up at all!! {wink, wink})

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