My entire life is built around a plan. I’ve never been one to be compulsive, but lately it is beginning to take over. More of my time is spent planning than actually pursuing life. At this moment, I feel so overwhelmed that nothing even seems important anymore. I need to let things happen as they will and make the best out of whatever outcome occurs…or maybe I just need to sleep.


Observing an entire group of people with a common goal is incredible.

Witnessing years of hard work pay off for friends is incredible.

A room full of people simply TRYING is incredible.

Families opening up to an unknown person is incredible.

Group exhaustion is incredible.

Having people that care is incredible.

Today has been incredible.


6 hours pass, yet it feels like one. Midnight has become 5 in the afternoon. As I look around, all I can see are exhausted people. Lack of sunlight and a busy schedule left me with an irregular sense of time–which would be why I am writing my slice at 12:09.

Too Much-SOLSC-15/31

Apparently, today was the day that every stress I have ever experienced, or even thought of experiencing, was dumped on me.

First, I had to decide between the two best things in my life.

Then, I felt nauseous and worried that I would get sick at school.

Then, I was forced to make some decisions that will dictate my life for years to come.

Then, my mom chose to interrogate people that I see daily on their philosophies of education.

Then, I was late to a practice due to various reasons listed.

Finally, the one thing that has always been constant, math, made no sense for the first time in a while.


It may have been one of the most emotional days I have ever experienced.  Looking back on today, I can see how much it will shape me as a person. At the time, it seemed like too much, but now I realize that too much is just enough in disguise.


Happiness is often the result of being too busy to be miserable.

-Paul Frank Baer

My favorite time of the year is about to begin. Every last available second will be filled with tennis, golf, dance, school, and family engagements. For some reason, the constant activity creates a sense of awareness and belonging that makes me excessively happy. I only have three more, and the thought just pushes me to enjoy the responsibility as it comes.


At this point, my brain is so full of information that I feel physically numb. I may be able to recite more about America during the 1960’s than I can about myself. That knowledge is cushioned with some tennis mantras that I am attempting to remember, and there seems to be no room left for a real in-depth slice today. In order to follow my theme, I have to share what I learned about myself today, and that is that my brain’s limit grows nearer as sleep takes over.


“Nice shot!”

“There you go!”

“Keep it up!”

All these things, and more, can be heard through the complete chaos. Each time they are said, someone’s mood gets a little brighter, and the bond between girls grows stronger. A little bit of healthy competition ensues over who can be the most uplifting as well as actual athletic ability. As exhaustion hits each person, grogginess only unifies us once more.


I feel like a child on Christmas Eve. Sleep eludes me; drowsiness is replaced with the high of happiness. Tennis. Tennis starts tomorrow, and I seem to come out of my shell a little more each time it does. This year will be different than last. I know that the people around me and the comparative atmosphere will be remember for years to come. Life is good, and I love anything that reminds me of that seemingly insignificant fact.


I believe that it’s human nature to inherently love learning. Many people “hate” classes and school simply because they are an expectation, but everyone likes some form of education. Finding out a new aquintence’s favorite color, listening to stories from people’s childhood, anf discovering new games and activities are all forms of learning in daily life. Throughout the day, I periodically stepped back to realize the pure happiness that came each time I learned something new. All of a sudden, anxiety for the future was relieved, and I realized that nothing can hold me back if I’m excited and willing to learn everything I possibly can. Success comes to those who enjoy their responsibilities.